Curtain Side Trailers

Promoting Your Image…Protecting Your Product

Wildwood Curtain Side Trailers are built for the long haul and engineered to maximize your productivity.  Delivering all the flexibility of a flatbed trailer while protecting your products like a van our curtain side trailers really offer it all.  The versatility of working with our curtain side trailers allows for easy loading or unloading of your products anytime…anywhere. No long wait times, for docking access, significantly reduces wasted idle man hours.  Our Curtain Side Trailers also provide for higher pack-outs for tree fruit and grapes. Plus, the biggest time saver and built-in design feature is our exclusive AirTite tarp tensioning system.  No more time consuming never ending strap ratcheting buckles to hassle with….just a push of a button releases the tarp tension and allows the curtain to slide to one side for easy cargo access. You’ll be amazed when you see the ease and strength of our AirTite Curtain System.


Higher Pack-Outs (Tree Fruits & Grapes)

Wind Damage (Dehydration)

Enclosed Environment

Lower Delivery Temps for Produce


New Curtain Side Trailers

Used Curtain Side Trailers

Curtain Side Box Van


Mobile billboards are becoming the fastest growing choice for advertising your company and products or services. We specialize in custom graphic designs for new curtain sides.