Our History

Wildwood Curtian Sides, over 35 years of innovation.

Wildwood Curtain Sides originated in 1979 by Mark Woods Sr. after the California trucking industry experienced problems with products falling off open trailers and with products being pelted with bugs and bad weather.  Mark Sr. had a vision of loading a trailer like a flatbed trailer, from the sides, but with the protection of an enclosed van.  After years of work and redesigns, in 1983, his vision became a reality.  The first of many curtain side trailers were being built and put to the test through-out California.  Three years later he found customers needing long, low, and wider curtain side trailers that could carry up to 50,000 pounds of cargo. No other trailer manufacturer was building this size and by listening to the needs of his customers, Mark Sr. created what is known today as the “Wildwood Curtain Side Trailer.”   Today, managed by Mark Sr.’s son Matthew Woods, we are a diversified organization that builds and installs new curtains, repairs old damaged curtains, designs and fabricates new trailers along with repairing and refurbishing older trailers for big rigs.  We have added a custom graphics department to enhance our side curtain business which offers our customers unlimited design and marketing possibilities for their curtain side.

Over the years Wildwood Curtain Sides, now a part of Wildwood Custom Trailers, has continued with an attitude towards innovation to improve conditions for truckers and the trucking industry. Our company has evolved into a family business. We all work together as a team with a variety of skills and experience, but our main goal is always to keep the best interest of our customers at heart. We believe in providing the highest quality products and services delivered on time and at a reasonable price. This approach has served us well over our 35 year history and we will continue to serve the needs of the trucking industry in California and beyond.