About Wildwood Curtain Sides

Promoting Your Image…Protecting Your Product

For over 35 years Wildwood Curtain Sides, now a part of Wildwood Custom Trailers, has been the West Coast Leader in designing, engineering and building the best solutions for our clients’ freight- hauling needs.   At Wildwood Custom Trailers we focus on serving the trucking industry.  Originally, and still primarily today, we engineer trailers that meet the needs of the agricultural community while also expanding into other freight-hauling industries as well.  No request has ever been too large or too small for us, and we pride ourselves on listening to your needs first.  Without your input and support, we would not have 35 years of experience and innovation to stand-on.  Some of our greatest freight-hauling solutions have come from our initial conversations with you and challenging ourselves to meet and exceed those requests.

We also understand that today, more than ever before, it is all about productivity.  How efficient, how effective, and how profitable you are going to be is determined by how your time or your employee’s time is managed on the road.  All of this translates into saving you time and money, but by design, the benefits of our engineered features also foster less stress in your driver’s day.  Throughout our history, working with truckers from all across America, we have always strived to develop the best products to meet the needs of business. While never forgetting our designs must also benefit the person who is behind the wheel day in and day out. We get compliments time and again from owners and drivers who appreciate the user- friendly design features that minimize the headaches and maximize the productivity.

With a Wildwood Custom Trailer you are working with engineered equipment that not only gets the job done right, but also supports the bottom line of your business year-round.